Acciones Sobre Proyectos De Ley

HB/SBNumTitleSponsorDate PresentedGovernor's Due DateAction DateDisposition
SB2EthicsEthics & Elections; Abruzzo4.
SB4Public Records and Meetings/Commission on EthicsEthics & Elections5.
HB15Funerals & BurialsRooney4.
HB21Background Screening for Noninstructional Contractors on School GroundsPerry5.
HB49Drug ParaphernaliaRouson5.
SB50Public MeetingsNegron6.
SB52Use of Wireless Communications Devices While DrivingDetert5.
HB55Deceptive & Unfair Trade PracticesM. Gaetz6.
SB56Infant DeathHays5.
HB57Department of Business & Professional RegulationPorter6.
SB62Low-speed VehiclesHays6.
HB73Residential PropertiesMoraitis6.
HB77Landlords and TenantsPorter5.
HB85Public-Private PartnershipsSteube6.
HB87Mortgage ForeclosuresPassidomo5.
SB92Searches & SeizuresNegron4.
HB95Charitable ContributionsHolder6.
SB112Filing False Documents Against Real or Personal PropertyDean6.
HB113Distribution of Materials Harmful to MinorsDiaz5.
HB135Spaceport TerritoryGoodson5.
SB142Intellectual DisabilitiesAltman6.
HB155Prohibition of Electronic Gambling DevicesCivil Justice Sub; Young4.
HB157Delivery of Insurance PoliciesHolder6.
SB160Licensure Fee Exemptions for Military AffairsRichter5.
HB171Disposition of Human RemainsRooney5.
HB179Eminent Domain ProceedingsYoung4.
SB186Jurisdiction of the CourtsDiaz de la Portilla6.
200Transportation Revenue Bond TF/DOTGardiner4.
SB202Transportation Governmental Bond TF/DOTGardiner4.
HB203Agricultural LandsBeshears6.
SB204Termination of Trust Funds within the DOTGardiner4.
SB206Federal Grants TF/DOSGardiner4.
SB208Federal Grants TF/DEOGardiner4.
HB209Lake-Sumter Community CollegeMetz4.
SB210Clearing Trust Funds TF/DOSGardiner4.
SB212Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Trust FundsHays4.
SB214Florida Forever Program Trust Fund/DEPHays4.
HB215Dependent ChildrenAlbritton4.
SB216Federal Grants TF/DMSHays4.
HB217Money Service BusinessesCummings5.
SB218Mortgage Guaranty TF/OFRHays4.
SB220Capital Collateral Regional Counsel TF/Justice Administrative CommissionBradley4.
HB223InsuranceLee Jr6.
HB229Land TrustsJ. Rodriguez6.
SB230Flag EtiquetteRing6.
HB235Requirements for Driver LicensesBracy5.
HB239Practice of OptometryCaldwell4.
SB244Water Management DistrictsDean6.
HB247Paper ReductionNelson6.
SB248Treatment Programs for Impaired Licensees and ApplicantsThrasher6.
HB249Public Records ExemptionNelson6.
HB265Florida Wildflower License PlateWood6.
HB267Real Property Liens & ConveyancesWood6.
HB269Public Construction ProjectsBeshears6.
HB277Assessment of Residential & Nonhomestead Real PropertyRehwinkel Vasilinda5.
SB282Consumer Finance ChargesRichter5.
SB284School EmergenciesNegron5.
SB286Design ProfessionalsNegron4.
SB294Controlled SubstancesBradley4.
SB298Department of CitrusBrandes6.
HB311Costs of Prosecution, Investigation, & RepresentationRay5.
HB319Community Transportation ProjectsRay5.
SB326Powers and Duties of the Department of Environmental ProtectionHays6.
SB328Public AccountancyLatvala6.
HB333Fish & Wildlife Conservation CommissionSteube6.
SB336Tourist Development TaxLatvala6.
SB338Theft of Utility ServicesSimpson4.
HB341Uninsured Motorist Insurance CoverageIngram6.
SB342Rental of Homestead PropertyThrasher5.
HB347Alcoholic BeveragesRenuart6.
SB354Ad Valorem Tax ExemptionsThrasher5.
SB356Mutual Insurance CorporationsAbruzzo6.
HB357Manufacturing DevelopmentBoyd6.
HB361Public Meetings/Criminal Justice CommissionsKerner6.
SB364Consumptive Use Permits for Development of Alternative Water SuppliesHays6.
SB372Vehicle Permits for the Transportation of Alcoholic BeveragesLatvala6.
HB375Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal SystemsRoberson5.
HB383Interstate Insurance Product Regulation CompactHudson6.
SB390Veterans' OrganizationsDean5.
SB398Physician AssistantsBean5.
SB406Economic DevelopmentGardiner5.
HB407Criminal Gang PreventionIngram5.
HB411Children's InitiativesFullwood5.
HB413Physical TherapyHutson6.
HB423Tax on Sales, Use & Other TransactionsAdkins5.
HB437Community DevelopmentDavis5.
SB444Domestic Wastewater Discharged Through Ocean OutfallsDiaz de la Portilla4.
SB452OGSR/Joshua Abbot Organ & Tissue Registry/Donor InformationHealth Policy5.
SB454Florida College System Institution Police OfficersBenacquisto6.
HB457Collection of Worthless Payment InstrumentsMagar5.
HB461Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing StudentsRooney5.
SB464Disposition of Unclaimed PropertyFlores4.
SB468Relating to Property and Casualty Insurance Rates, Fees, and FormsHukill5.
HB487Specialty License Plates/FreemasonryStone5.
HB489Railroad Police OfficersStone5.
SB520Emergency Medical ServicesBradley5.
SB530Dispute ResolutionThrasher6.
HB533City of Tampa, Hillsborough CountyRaulerson6.
SB534Publicly-funded Defined Benefit Retirement PlansBrandes5.
HB537Growth ManagementMoraitis5.
HB553Workers' Compensation System AdministrationHager5.
SB556Clerks of the CourtRing5.
SB558Letters of Credit Issued by a Federal Home Loan BankDetert5.
HB569Campaign FinanceSchenck4.
HB571Marshal of Supreme CourtRoberson5.
HB573Manufactured & Mobile HomesHooper6.
HB579Natural Gas Motor FuelRay6.
HB585Law EnforcementHood5.
SB606Northeast Florida Regional Transportation CommissionGibson6.
HB609Bullying in the Public School SystemFullwood5.
HB611False Reports to Law Enforcement OfficersC. Watson5.
HB617Juvenile Justice Circuit Advisory Boards & Juvenile Justice Civil CouncilsPilon5.
SB628Driver LicensesJoyner5.
HB633Biodiesel FuelPerry5.
SB648Health Insurance Marketing MaterialsHukill6.
HB649Public Records/Proprietary Confidential Business InformationCummings5.
HB655Employee BenefitsPrecourt6.
SB662Workers' CompensationHays6.
HB665Licensure by Office of Financial RegulationLa Rosa6.
HB667Real Estate Brokers & AppraisersPorter5.
SB674Animal Shelters & Animal Control AgenciesMontford4.
SB682Fossil Fuel Combustion ProductsSimpson5.
HB685Parole Interview Dates for Certain InmatesMcBurney5.
SB686Florida StatutesThrasher4.
SB688Florida StatutesThrasher4.
SB690Florida StatutesThrasher4.
HB691Personal Identification TheftAhern6.
SB692Florida StatutesThrasher4.
SB694Florida StatutesThrasher4.
HB695Tied House RegulationHolder5.
HB701Electronic Benefits Transfer CardsJ. Smith5.
HB705Targeted Economic DevelopmentWorkman5.
HB713Water Quality Credit TradingPigman5.
SB718Family LawStargel4.
HB725Public Records & Public Meeting ExemptionsHarrell5.
HB731Pub. Rec./Spouses of Children of Law Enforcement PersonnelKerner6.
SB736Limitations Relating to Deeds and WillsRichter6.
HB783Branch Offices Conducting Securities TransactionsEagle6.
HB795Premises InspectionLa Rosa5.
HB801Certified School CounselorsEagle5.
SB810Wrap-Up Insurance PoliciesSimmons6.
HB833General AssignmentsPassidomo6.
HB837Tax DeedsMayfield6.
HB841Powers of AttorneyPowell5.
HB851Animal CrueltyMoskowitz6.
HB855South Indian River Water Control District, Palm Beach CountyRooney6.
HB875Licensed Security OfficersWorkman6.
HB903Adverse PossessionDavis6.
HB913Holocaust Victims Assistance ActBileca5.
SB934Stormwater Management PermitsT. Lee6.
HB935Florida False Claims ActYoung5.
HB939Medicaid RecoveriesPigman5.
SB948Water SupplyGrimsley6.
HB949Charlotte CountyRoberson6.
SB954Technological Research and Development AuthorityGardiner6.
SB964Termination of Parental RightsAbruzzo5.
HB969Recreational Vehicle ParksRaburn5.
HB973Low-Voltage SystemsBrodeur6.
HB975Archeological Sites & SpecimensMetz6.
HB977St Lucie County Mosquito Control District, St Lucie CountyHarrell6.
HB979Fort Pierce Farms Water Control District, St Lucie CountyMayfield6.
HB981North St Lucie River Water Control District, St Lucie CountyMayfield6.
SB994Florida StatutesThrasher4.
HB999Environmental RegulationPatronis5.
HB1007Lee County Tourist Development Council, Lee CountyR. Rodrigues6.
HB1009Fellsmere Water Control District, Indian River CountyMayfield6.
HB1013Technological Research & Development Authority, Brevard CountyWorkman6.
HB1027Broward County Education, Research, & Training Authority, Broward CountyWaldman6.
SB1036Independent LivingChildren, Families, & Elder Affairs; Abruzzo6.
HB1069Emerald Coast Utilities Authority, Escambia CountyIngram6.
HB1071Health Care Accrediting OrganizationsAntone5.
HB1075Public RecordsRangel6.
SB1076K-20 Education (CAPE)Legg4.
HB1083Underground Natural Gas StorageEagle6.
HB1085Public Records/Natural Gas Storage Facility PermitEagle6.
HB1093Volunteer Health ServicesHudson5.
SB1094Home Health AgenciesFlores5.
SB1096Repeal of Education ProvisionsMontford4.
SB1108Exceptional Student EducationGardiner, Thrasher6.
SB1122Florida Fire Prevention CodeSimpson5.
HB1129Infants Born AlivePigman5.
HB1145State-owned or State-leased SpaceLa Rosa5.
HB1147Office of Attorney GeneralFitzenhagen6.
HB1157Health Flex PlansPowell5.
HB1159Health Care FacilitiesO'Toole6.
HB1171St Lucie and Martin CountiesHarrell6.
HB1173Florida Communications Fraud ActSpano6.
HB1191Captive InsuranceNelson6.
HB1193Taxation of PropertyBeshears5.
HB1223Deceptive & Unfair Trade PracticesGrant6.
HB1271Central County Water Control District, Hendry CountyHudson6.
HB1281East County Water Control District, Hendry & Lee CountiesCaldwell6.
HB1283Nassau CountyAdkins6.
HB1285Tallahassee - Leon County Civic Center Authority, Leon CountyWilliams6.
HB1287Tohopekaliga Water Authority, Osceola CountyLa Rosa6.
HB1297Pub. Rec./Florida False Claims ActYoung5.
SB1300Limited Liability CompaniesSimmons6.
SB1302Temporary Certificates for Visiting PhysiciansGarcia6.
HB1309Procurement of Commodities & Contractual ServicesAlbritton6.
HB1325Victims of Human TraffickingSpano5.
HB1327Pub. Rec./Crim. Hist./Human Trafficking VictimsSpano5.
HB1355Purchase of Firearms by Mentally Ill PersonsB. Watson6.
HB1367Tampa Port Authority, Hillsborough CountyYoung6.
SB1388Instructional Materials for K-12 Public EducationMontford6.
HB1393Agricultural Storage & Shipping ContainersBeshears6.
SB1398Real Estate AppraisersHukill6.
HB1403Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District, Monroe CountyRaschein6.
SB1410Fire Safety & PreventionSimmons6.
HB1411Pinellas CountyHooper6.
SB1420Mental Health TreatmentSobel5.
HB1421Madison CountyBeshears6.
SB1472Nuclear & Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power PlantsLegg6.
SB1500Relating to AppropriationsAppropriations5. with line item Vetoes
SB1502Implementing the General Appropriations ActApprops5.
SB1504State EmployeesApprops5.
SB1512Clerks of CourtApprops5.
SB1514Education FundingApprops5.
SB1516Internal Revenue CodeApprops5.
SB1518Department of Children & FamiliesApprops5.
SB1522Department of Highway Safety & Motor VehiclesApprops5.
SB1594Guaranteed Energy, Water, and Wastewater Performance Savings Contracting ActBradley5.
SB1660Quality Cancer Care & ResearchFlores5.
SB1700Agricultural LandsLatvala6.
SB1768OGSR/Personal Information/Paratransit ServicesTransportation5.
SB1770Property InsuranceBanking & Insurance5.
SB1784Military InstallationsCommittee on Military and Veterans Affairs, Space, and Domestic Security; Altman6.
SB1792Medical Negligence ActionsJudiciary5.
SB1802State Employee Health InsuranceGovernmental Oversight & Accountability5.
SB1806Total Maximim Daily LoadsEnvironmental Preservation & Conservation5.
SB1808Numeric Nutrient CriteriaEnvironmental Preservation & Conservation5.
SB1810Florida Retirement SystemGovernmental Oversight & Accountability5.
SB1830Ad Valorem TaxationApprops5.
SB1842Health InsuranceBanking & Insurance5.
SB1844Florida Health Choices ProgramHealth Policy5.
SB1850Public Records/Citizens Property Insurance Corporation ClearinghouseBanking & Insurance5.
SB1852Funding from the National Mortgage SettlementApprops6.
HB4001Florida Renewable Fuel Standard ActM. Gaetz5.
HB4013Tax Refund ProgramsSantiago5.
HB4037Broward County/Saltwater FishingWaldman6.
HB4039Broward County/FishingWaldman6.
HB4053City of Pensacola, Escambia CountyIngram6.
HB5401Relating to Transparency in State ContractingGovernment Operations Appropriations Subcommittee, Ingram5.
HB5501Relating to Weights and Measures Instruments and DevicesAgriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee, Albritton5.
HB5503Relating to Fish and Wildlife Conservation CommissionAgriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee, Broxson5.
HB7003Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military ChildrenK-12 Subcommittee, Renuart4.
HB7005Massage EstablishmentsCriminal Justice Sub; Kerner6.
HB7007Department of Economic OpportunityEconomic Development & Tourism Sub; Trujillo5.
HB7009Charter SchoolsChoice & Innovation Sub; Moraitis6.
HB7013Relating to Florida Election CodeEthics & Elections Subcommittee, Boyd  CS Sponsors: Appropriations Committee5.
HB7015Expert TestimonyCivil Justice Sub; Metz5.
HB7017Terms of CourtsCivil Justice Sub; Spano4.
HB7019Development PermitsEconomic Development & Tourism Sub; Trujillo6.
HB7023Department of Agriculture & Consumer ServicesBusiness & Professional Reg Sub; Cummings6.
HB7025TimesharesBusiness & Professional Regulation Sub; Eagle6.
HB7029EducationChoice & Innovation Sub; M. Diaz6.
HB7035Pretrial DetentionCriminal Justice Sub; Eagle6.
HB7059Driver LicensingDavis3.
HB7065Everglades Improvement & ManagementState Affairs; Caldwell5.
HB7079Review Under Open Government Sunset Review ActGovernment Operations Sub; Ahearn6.
HB7083Relating to Death PenaltyCriminal Justice Subcommittee, Gaetz (M)
HB7087Department of Agriculture & Consumer ServicesAgriculture & Natural Resources Sub; Beshears6.
HB7089Public Records Exemption/School Fund and Nutrition Service Program ParticipantsAg & Natural Resources Sub; Beshears6.
HB7119Homeowners' AssociationBusiness & Professional Reg Sub; La Rosa6.
HB7125Department of Highway Safety & Motor VehiclesTransportation & Highway Safety Sub; Raburn5.
HB7129Residential Services for ChildrenHealthy Families Sub; Perry6. with an appropriation veto
HB7135Pub. Rec./Money Services BusinessesInsurance & Banking Sub; Nelson5.
HB7143OGSR Direct Support Organization for the Dept of Veterans' AffairsGovernment Operations Sub; Cummings5.
HB7145OGSR Employment Discrimination ComplaintsGovernment Operations Sub; Combee6.
HB7157Ratification of Rules Implementing Total Maximum Daily Loads for Impaired Water BodiesRulemaking Oversight & Repeal Sub; Santiago5.
HB7165Early LearningEducation; O'Toole6.

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